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No to Haversham Wind Farm

What are we doing?

The Stop Haversham Wind Farm Action Group is working on a number of fronts to oppose the RWE scheme to place five industrial 417ft wind turbines of at Hill Farm in Haversham.

• Making sure that as many people as possible know about this proposal and are fully informed
about the issues relating to onshore wind farms and how best to object.

• Engaging expert consultants to ensure any planning application is thoroughly and professionally opposed

• Raising a fighting fund to pay for expert help and publicity

• Engaging with our District Councillor Andrew Geary and our constituency MP Mark Lancaster

• Contacting numerous local and national bodies who have an interest in protecting wildlife and the rural environment

• Working with other wind farm campaign groups including Save our Salcey

Please help us to oppose this plan from a multi-national power company, which will wreck this rural part of north Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes for generations to come.