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No to Haversham Wind Farm

Media Watch

National and local media stories on the issues surrounding Wind Farms. More are being added so please visit this page again.

Please click the links:

UK Windpower targets are 'unfeasible' Article in Telegraph (15.9.2011)

Windfarms shut by too much wind Article in Sun ( 15.9.2011)

Winwick village takes on the might of energy firm E.ON Article in Rugby Advertiser (15.9.2011)

Why the £250bn wind power industry could be the greatest scam of our age - and here are the three 'lies' that prove it Article in Daily Mail

When it comes to windfarms, I don't feel bad about nimbyism Article in Guardian

Officials cover up wind farm noise report Article in Times Online

Are wind farms a health risk? US scientist identifies 'wind turbine syndrome' Article in Independent

Windfarms: One of the great deceptions of our time Article in Telegraph

Wind turbine's deadly ice shower Article in Peterborough Today

Blot on the landscape Article in MK Citizen